February 2011

After seeing all those cute, omnipresent (but unpalatable) conversation hearts around Valentine’s Day, I was inspired to make some “conversation marshmallows”! I made the same marshmallow recipe as when I made the marshmallow s’mores, but instead of cutting them into 1″ squares with a pizza cutter, I used a bunch of mini cookie cutters (lightly oil […]

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Upcycled: Cedar Wood Tray (tutorial)

by ilene on February 23, 2011 · 3 comments

in jeff, tutorial, upcycle, wood

I had a very productive long weekend.  Along with celebrating our 6 month wedding anniversary, Jeff and I cleaned and de-cluttered the house.  And I made this cedar serving tray out of old materials I had lying around.   The best part about this tray is I was able to put it together with NO […]

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Itty Bitty Tiny Little Baby Booties

by ilene on February 22, 2011

in baby, sewing

When I worked as the children’s director at our church, I had lofty aspirations to sew a pair of booties for every newborn that was born in our congregation. Our church has this awesome tradition of bringing dinners to new parents and I would include a pair of booties with the meal. Then we had […]

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6 Months Ago, I Married My Best Friend

by ilene on February 21, 2011

in jeff, wedding

(photo by Caroline Tran) Happy half year anniversary, Jeff!! Thank you for loving me, supporting me and being my biggest fan.  And thank you for putting up with me and all my silly antics (like this and this). You’re my favorite. You might also like:My Wedding: Bubble Tea!!Whats For Breakfast Today: Fresh Picked Strawberries!!Flower Pillow […]

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Gimme S’more! (tutorial)

by ilene on February 17, 2011 · 2 comments

in baking, recipes, tutorial

This past weekend, I made marshmallows!  I’ve always wanted to make marshmallows from scratch, but was hesitant because I pictured a disaster in my kitchen. I foresaw stringy white sticky goo and powdered sugar spilled everywhere.  But I’m glad I gave it a shot! The mess wasn’t so bad! Homemade marshmallows are SO much better than […]

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