Momma’s Got a New Toy!

by ilene on February 11, 2011 · 3 comments

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Much to the husband’s dismay, I’ve acquired a new crafting tool!!   Our second bedroom is already exploding with all my craft supplies, but with a sweet smile, I was able to convince Jeff that I absolutely need this baby.  The Silhouette is cutting machine similar to my beloved Cricut, but it hooks up directly to my computer.  As a graphic designer, this is money because I can cut out any shape that I design on my laptop.  And in addition to paper, it cuts vinyl, heat transfers and even tattoos!  Imagine the possibilities!  I bought this nifty machine a few months agoand was itching to use it, but didn’t have the time or patience to read the manual.  It’s sat boxed and lonely in the dining room begging to be used since November.  Then Superbowl Sunday came and suddenly I had 5 hours to kill while Jeff and the rest of America were out watching the game.  I was pleasantly surprised, the Silhouette machine ended up being pretty easy to use.  I was able to whip up my first project before the Black Eyed Pea’s took the stage!  These onesies for two very special newborn boys were made!

These letters were cut from a flocked heat-transfer material and then ironed on. Easy peasy!  I like how the flocked material is soft and fuzzy and slightly raised, it looks professional!

This might be my new favorite craft device!  I already have a bunch of projects lined up, the wheels are churning and my imagination is running wild.  Watch out world, Ilene’s turning into a lean mean cutting machine!

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