April 2011

I’m taking a short break from my Unwrapped: Your Favorite Snack Recipes series, to show you how to make your own cookie cutters! Yesterday’s post showed how I made my own goldfish crackers.  To cut the dough into little fishies,  I needed a mini goldfish cookie cutter.  I had a large 5″ fish cookie cutter […]


I couldn’t do a series on favorite snacks without attempting to make goldfish crackers.  If you work with kids like I have, you know that goldfish can work miracles.  Nothing soothes tear-filled eyes, scrapes and bruises like a little colorful dixie cup full of goldfish crackers.  It’s like the universal comfort food for toddlers. …and […]


I must be living under a rock because somehow I totally missed Girl Scout cookie season this year!!  Faced with the prospect of no thin mints for the next year, I went to the Girl Scout cookie website and my fears were confirmed.  I typed in my area code and was greeted with this message:  […]


Hi! I hope you all had a great Easter yesterday! We had a glorious celebration at our church and I’m still basking in the afterglow of it -what a joyful day!  Today, I am kicking off a fun new series Unwrapped: Favorite Snack Recipes.  This is for all the junk food lovers out there!  But […]


Day 3 of the Great Striped Shirt Challenge:  After making a skirt for myself and newborn hats for our non-existent babies, I decided that I needed to make something cool for the male member of our family.  There is nothing that Jeff loves more than his iphone.  I have an iphone, too, but I’m not […]