Back From NYC With a Bag Full of Goodies!!

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I’m back from the Big Apple! This past weekend, my sister, Jeff, a bunch of girl friends and I trekked to New York City to celebrate two dear friends getting married. Jeff and I have a bunch of weddings lined up this summer, the wedding circuit has just begun! But this particular wedding though was EXTRA special to me because I set up the bride and groom! The bride is my friend from California and the groom is a friend from Boston. They were both living in NYC so I introduced them and now two years later, they are husband and wife! There is nothing that makes my heart soar more than seeing two good friends find love with each other.  I’m beaming with pride and happiness!  Congrats, C and S!

Since we were in New York City, of course I had to hit up my favorite restaurants and squeeze in some shopping. We knew Jeff couldn’t keep up with my sister and I so we left him behind in Chinatown to fend for himself.  I’m so glad my sister was in town because she is one of the few people that could keep up with me on a manic shopping spree. And being identical twins, we like a lot of the same things!  She is my ultimate shopping companion!  We blew through Manhattan, hitting up some of my favorite fabric stores, tiny trim shops in the garment district and the jewelry stores along Broadway.  I should always remind myself to bring a bigger suitcase with me whenever I venture into NYC because I leave with too many treasures that can’t be all shoved into a carry on.   I ended up stuffing a lot of my finds into every crevice of Jeff’s backpack and suitcase.   He ended up buying two messenger bags at a Kenneth Cole sale in Soho and I stuffed those, too!

At Purl Soho, one of my favorite places to get nice fabrics, I had to keep myself from wanting to buy yards and yards of their designer and japanese fabrics.  I could really drop $300 alone in this tiny store.  Exercising severe self-restraint, I left with these:
I love the bright colors, butterflies and polka dots!!  They are a little on the pricey side, I cringe at paying $18/yard but they were too cute to pass up.  I’m not sure what I am going to do with them yet, but I imagine something fun and summery. Maybe a twirly skirt for me or a little dress for a girl?

We stopped by M & J Trimmings, one of the largest trim stores I’ve ever been to. The whole store is filled floor to ceiling full of ribbon, buttons, lace, silk flowers and all sorts of embellishments.  It’s every sewer’s paradise.  It’s a miracle I walked out with just these four buttons:

I could spend hours at M & J trimming! But since I’m not currently working on a project that needed any of that stuff, I was proud of myself for demonstrating lots of self-discipline and only purchasing those buttons. I’m not sure what I am going to use them for but I have a weakness for oversized wood buttons and couldn’t resist, even though they were kind of steep at $4/each.

At another fabric store (I don’t remember the name), I spotted this bicycle printed oil cloth and just had to get some!  Jeff and I love bike riding, its one of the few hobbies we share (which is why we actually had a bicycle-themed wedding).  I love all things with bikes on it. They make me giddy!  I’m not sure what I am going to make with it, but I’m thinking of maybe making a few recyclable grocery bags:

Speaking of bicycle print, a friend recently gifted me with these cute bicycle fabrics:

How adorable is the print? I was so touched!!  Anything with bikes on it reminds me of our wedding so I was so happy to receive them. Now I just got to think of something cool to make out of them. I’m in need of a messenger bag to use when I ride my bike. This fabric would be perfect if I could incorporate it somehow!

My sister and I also hit up a discount fabric store and got some heavy velvet and wool suiting:

The velvet was a remnant for only $5 for 2 yards! score!!  The wool suiting was only $6/yard.  You can’t tell by the picture but the brown wool fabric at the bottom of the stack is also sparkly.  I love me some bling and I love me some good deals.

Now with all these new additions, my fabric stash is literally overflowing!!  I’ve got a lot of sewing to do now! I’ve got so many ideas in my head, I don’t know where to start.   I can’t wait to sew some things this summer and show you guys!

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1 Sarah W. June 22, 2011 at 2:53 pm

you can make recyclable snack bags, sandwich bags, and lunch bags with the oil cloths. there are tons of tutorials online. or future baby bib, high chair cover, kid’s art smock…list is endless.

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