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I think the wedding industry purposely jacks up the prices of everything because they know us brides are such suckers!! Slap on “wedding” or “bridal” onto an item and you are guaranteed to spend 3-4 times more than the actual cost.  That’s why I decided to sew my own bridal veil.  Did you know that the cost of white tulle is 29 cents a yard?! A comb can be bought for $2-3.  I cringed at the $100-300 price tags when I knew I could make my own veil for less than $10. Same with garters. I didn’t want a really fancy garter since I would only wear it once and it was one of those things that I know I could whip up in less than an hour.  I sewed about 5-7 garters before I settled on this simple one.  My first garters were all lacy and frilly, but then I realized that I wanted something a little simpler since the front of my dress was so lavish.  Since I am a Blue Devil, I wanted to add something from my alma mater, too!  And the blue ribbon and Duke charm doubled as my “something blue”.  Cost of this project? $10. And I made two of them! One for Jeff to throw to the bachelors and one for me to keep.

This was a pretty quick project, all you need are ribbon in various widths and elastic.  You can definitely make this fancier and add other embellishments.  I went with a nice thick double-faced satin ribbon, it just feels so much more luxurious than the single-sided cheap kind. First, measure the circumference of your thigh. The ribbon needs to be cut 2-3x that length and the elastic should be cut about 1/2″ longer than that length:

Basically, all I did was sew a thinner piece of ribbon to the 2″ wide satin ribbon, creating a casing for the elastic to run through:

Then thread the elastic through the casing and sew the ends of the ribbons together. That’s it!!

You can decorate the garter any way you want. I added a thin blue ribbon:

You can add flowers, pearls, beads, etc. I ordered these Duke charms online, they are actually part of an earring set that I took apart and attached one charm to the middle of the ribbon:

As someone who has caught the bouquet FOUR times in my lifetime,  I was hesitant to have a bouquet and garter toss since I didn’t want to subject our single friends to any humiliation. But it ended up being lots of fun and I’m glad we did this tradition!!  We attached $40 in cash to both to our garter and toss bouquet to make sure that our single friends actually went for them.  We’ve both been to weddings where no one wanted them and it can be awkward!  We played the song “Come on, Eileen” (the song my blog is named after!!) as Jeff fished for my garter.  Since Jeff is an avid volleyball player, we wrapped the garter around a volleyball and he spiked it into the crowd of bachelors.  Actually, more like he spiked it over a fence and into the ravine below.  And someone had to scramble over the fence to get it. Total party foul, Jeff!!

(photo by Jules Bianchi)

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1 Katie @ girl gone north August 31, 2011 at 8:37 pm

Ah! I was totally not into wearing a garter until I saw this. So fun and a great idea!

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