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(photo by Jules Bianchi)

I was so delighted to have two of the most adorable little girls as my flower girls!!  One of the perks of being the Children’s Ministry director at my church was that I get to know some of the most adorable children!    I adore these two precious little girls. Their moms are two of my dearest friends and I’ve known both little girls since they were itty-bitty babies.  Fun fact: I babysat both of them when both of their little baby brothers were born!  They were both so excited to fly from Boston to be my “wedding girls” and to go to Disneyland afterwards!

I wanted the flower girls to wear something fun and whimsical, not the typical little white dresses that you normally see. For their outfits, we went with pink leotards, fluffy tutus and little silver ballerina slippers. They looked absolutely adorable! I love their big poufy tutus!  (It must’ve been difficult for their moms to stuff those into their suitcases!) I’ve made tutus before (see this post), but purchased theirs from etsy.  They were so cute, I was tempted to buy one for myself!

To round out the rest of our bridal party, I added an unconventional “junior bridesmaid” and a “junior ringbearer”:

(photo by Jules Bianchi)

Yup! That’s right! My “well-loved” carebears, Huggy and Tuggy, who have been a big part of my life since I was 5 years old, also walked down the aisle as my junior bridesmaid and junior ringbearer!  Those who know me know that I adore my carebears (you first saw them on my blog here). I’m not ashamed to declare to the world wide web that I still sleep with them every night.   I know most people outgrow their “stuffed animals” when they are 9 years old, but I’ve always been atypical and in the spirit of being fun and true to myself, I had to include them in our wedding!   By now, Jeff gave up on fighting my wild ideas and just succumbed to me and all my crazy antics.  It may seem silly (and maybe irreverent) to include my cubbies in our wedding ceremony but that’s just how we roll.  We are not the type to take things too seriously!  My carebears were going to be a big part of my wedding and play a prominent role!  For their 2 minutes in the spotlight, the cubbies got baths  and special outfits: I sewed a matching pink tutu for Huggy and a black little bowtie for Tuggy.  And if that wasn’t quirky enough, I also made them special little chairs to sit in during the ceremony:

(photo by Jules Bianchi)

The chairs are actually napkin holders that I got from the Christmas Tree Shops that I spray painted white and painted their names. They were the perfect size!

It was a daunting task for my 3 and 4 year old flower girls to walk down the aisle in front of 250 adults but they were so brave and performed brilliantly!   I was so proud of them!! After all the pep talks, they did such a great job!! Not only did they have to walk down the aisle holding hands, they had the important task of bringing the carebears with them:

(photo by Jules Bianchi)

And placing them at their seats of honor up front:

(photo by Jules Bianchi)

My poor brother-in-law had to suffer the indignity of sitting next to them.  Huggy and Tuggy proudly watching the ceremony from their front row seats:

(photo by Jules Bianchi)

Memories of all our flower children make me giggle and smile.  Little fun details like this made me so happy!  There are really no rules when it comes to planning your own wedding.   We tried to make every detail personal and meaningful to us, even if it meant making some unconventional choices.  After the wedding was all over, a lot of our guests remarked that our wedding felt very much like “us” and that was the highest compliment.  We really wanted our wedding to be a reflection of us and we were glad to have achieved that.

Whew, I just wrote 29 posts about my wedding!   I could go on and on!  I didn’t even write about a lot of other details like our marriage vows that we wrote ourselves (the whole reason why we were having this big party!!), our bridal party dance (choreographed by my awesome bridesmaid M and good-naturedly performed by all our bridesmaids and groomsmen), or the letters we wrote and read aloud to each parent that had everyone, even our photographers, crying.  So much love and hard work was poured into making this a special day and I have to thank all our family and friends who helped make our dreams come true.  So many of our nearest and dearest friends pitched in or flew from around the world to join us.  We felt so incredibly blessed to start off our marriage surrounded by our most favorite people.

I hope you all enjoyed my wedding series as much as I did recounting it!  I added a tab at the top of this blog for access to these posts later!

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1 geekstitching September 22, 2011 at 10:39 am

I adore the pinks tutus and silver ballet flats! 🙂

xoxo Kim

2 Hafsa K September 23, 2011 at 4:10 am

There dresses and the teddies look simply adorable! 🙂

3 Mary H. October 19, 2011 at 8:06 pm

Love love love the tutus!

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