Upcycled: Passport Cover from Makeup Bag

by ilene on December 8, 2011 · 3 comments

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Jeff and I have been really blessed to be able to travel to so many countries this year.  We feel really lucky to have had the freedom, time and resources to be able to go on some awesome trips.  2011 will be remembered as the year of crazy travels!  We rang in the new year in Bali, then traveled to Hong Kong and lived in Bangkok for a few weeks where we got to take side trips to Phuket and Koh Phi Phi.  That southeast Asia trip was like a second honeymoon for us!  In May, we took our most favorite vacation ever when we sailed on an 8 day catamaran trip around the British Virgin Islands with some great friends.  August, we took a romantic two week trip around Italy before our big move out to the west coast.  And recently, these past few months have been spent flying back and forth throughout Asia.  Jeff has already taken 3 trips to Taiwan in the last five weeks! And to Korea and Japan!  I’m joining him in Taiwan again next week then going to Hong Kong for a weekend.  Then we are going straight to Mexico for Feliz Navidad with my family.  We joke that even though we moved to San Francisco, we haven’t spent a lot of nights in our new apartment and we should rent it out considering the exorbitant rent we pay.  Needless to say, our passports are filling up pretty quickly and we will need to get extra pages added pretty soon.  Look how full these pages are!

I was pretty horrified after I married Jeff and found out that he keeps his passport in his front pocket when he travels.   He doesn’t trust hotel safety deposit boxes so he always keeps it with him at all times.  The poor thing has gotten pretty beat up this past year!   It’s all crumpled, stained and falling apart. My passport is in near perfect condition because I always keep it neatly tucked away in a passport cover that I got  from JCrew years ago.  The pink metallic leather (see pic below) is a little flashy and gets some comments from homeland security officers, but I like that it adds a little bit of style to this boring, official document.  And I love all things pink!!  I decided to make a matching passport cover for Jeff!

His is the faux leather teal blue one. I paid $20 for my JCrew version on sale. His was free because I made it out of an old makeup case that my friend was trying to get rid of when she was moving. Not sure why I took it because I was also moving and trying to get rid of junk, too, but I saved it make something cool out of itlater.

I used my own passport cover as a template and cut out all the pieces that I needed.  Ideally, I would have made the cover out of one large piece, but there was not enough material to cut out one large piece so I split the front and back sides in half and used a black piece of ribbon to bind the spine together:

I just sewed all along the edges and created pockets to slide the passport into:

It’s the perfect fit!!

Honestly, Jeff isn’t too thrilled to be carrying a faux leather bright metallic teal blue passport cover around (I guess what guy would be?), but I teased/cajoled/forced him into it.  I even took off the tassle to de-feminize it.  Whenever he starts protesting about using things I made him, I just look at him sweetly and pout and say “but I MADE it for YOU! with my own hands!”  This time I even threw in “Don’t you want something I MADE for YOU to remind you of ME when you are away?!” with my puppy dog eyes.  Worked like a charm!

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1 ReStitch Me December 8, 2011 at 2:21 pm

I’m a little envious of your travels—it sounds so exciting and warm to a northern Michigan gal looking a snow!!! :o) Your passport cover was a clever use of the make-up bag–it turned out great!

2 Jackie L. December 9, 2011 at 9:49 pm

HAHA great way to recycle an old makeup bag but the kicker is how you got him to take it!

3 CREATIVE MIND December 19, 2011 at 6:07 am

Love it 🙂

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