New Series: Frugal February!

by ilene on February 1, 2012 · 18 comments

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Hey yawl!  For the month of February, I decided to challenge myself by not spending any money on projects!  Husband is rejoicing.   I’m starting a new series “Frugal February” (thanks to my brother-in-law for the name!) where I use only supplies that I already have, refashion/upcycle old clothing or finish off old projects.  (I decided this won’t apply to food posts since we have to eat anyways and I might as well document some of the meals I am making.)   This “no spending” is a self-imposed rule that I’m kind of excited about!  I love myself a good challenge and it’ll be nice to save a little money this month.   I’ve been frequently Michael’s way too much and all my craft projects are beginning to add up!  I know I’m kind of cheating because I just went on a big fabric shopping spree in Japan and Taiwan, but I am hoping that I use up a lot of  the older fabrics that I have collecting in my fabric dresser:

And I have two huge cabinets full of art supplies, forgotten projects and craft supplies for things that I’ve been meaning to tackle for the past year.  This should be a fun challenge!!  Stay tuned for some cost-saving ideas!!!

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