March Sadness, The Blue Devil Blues…

by ilene on March 19, 2012 · 2 comments

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The most anticipated event of the spring, March Madness, came to a quick and heartbreaking end for my family this weekend when our beloved Blue Devils were bounced from the first round of the tourney on Friday in a stunning upset.  What the heck happened?!  It was over before we knew it!!  I’m still getting over the shock of it.  My brother, my sister and I all went to Duke so everyone in our family, including my parents, are huge college basketball fans.  In fact, you will find no bigger Duke fan than my mom, she knows more about basketball than I do!!  It’s so cute!!

We’ve had a season full of highs and lows but us Dukies will always be diehard believers.  Alums will always bleed Duke blue forever.   Some of my Duke friends from college, who ended up marrying each other, just had their second daughter.  Their oldest two year old daughter has already been groomed to be a Duke fan, so I decided to make both of them Duke Blue Devil capes.  (The Duke Blue Devil mascot wears a cape as part of his costume.)  I’ve made similar superhero capes before (see these superman capes and my “reversible cape” tutorial here) so I was able to whip these out pretty quickly:


I used leftover blue material from my previous capes, bought some blue bias tape that happened to match the fabric perfectly and used my silhouette machine to cut out the Duke logo and iron it on.  They are a fun little thing for the girls to wear when they watch the basketball games or they could also be used as bibs or aprons!

And lest you think these capes are just for kids, here is proof that adults can wear them, too!

How amazing are my parents?!  This is actually a picture from last year’s tournament.  They were getting ready to cheer on Duke at the Sweet Sixteen game when they played near my hometown. My mom and dad got all into the spirit and “duked” themselves out with face paint, shirts, hats and signs.  My sister made them adult-sized capes!!!  I wish I had a picture of the backside because their capes were amazing, they had the logo sewn on the back.  My sister actually sewed 4 capes, one for herself and her hubby, too!  They got so much attention at the stadium, people were cheering and high-fiving my dad.  He even got on the radio because of all the attention he got from his get up!  Haha, my family is so funny and quirky and I love it!

I’m looking forward to a Duke comeback next year!! Go Duke!!

Here are some other baby outfits I made for future Duke students (click on picture to view):

And here is the tutorial I made last year on how to make reversible superhero capes (click on picture to view):



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