Customized Robot and Dinosaur Throw Blanket (tutorial)

by ilene on June 11, 2012 · 3 comments

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We are so excited that we have another wedding in our family coming up!  Jeff’s sister J is getting married at the end of this month in New England and we are super thrilled for her!   J is Jeff’s only sibling and she has been an awesome sister-in-law to me.  She’s so artsy, creative and fun AND she looks just like a female version of Jeff!  Freckles, dimples and all!  I was sad to miss out on her bridal shower on the east coast last month, but I wanted to send her something special for the occasion.  My normal bridal shower gift of customized panties just didn’t seem appropriate to gift to Jeff’s sister, so I made her a customized throw blanket instead:

J and her fiance E have cute robot and dinosaur nicknames for each other which was reflected in their wedding invitations so I decided to stitch a chenille throw blanket with a dinosaur and robot cartoon.  I have to admit, I actually kind of cheated on this project. Instead of making the blanket from scratch, I used a store bought throw from Target. Originally, I was going to sew a fleece blanket myself but I wanted a big enough blanket for them to both snuggle under during the cold New England winters and I have a hard time sewing large blankets.  I just can’t seem to cut the fabric straight and keep them squared up!  I don’t have a work surface large enough and  after sewing them, they turn out all uneven and misshapen.  Anyone have tips on that?!   Even baby blankets turn out wonky for me, especially if I am sewing with thicker material like fleece and minky.  Since I wanted the gift to be nicer than what I can make and to last Jeff’s sister a long time, I went with a store bought chenille throw and totally cheated by covering up the Target label with one of my own:

Teehee! That’s our little secret!!  Despite feeling guilty doing this trick, I’m glad I went this route because it saved me a lot of time AND its much nicer than a wonky hand sewn fleece blanket that I would have made.

For the dinosaur and robot appliqué, I printed out a TRex and dinosaur shape off my computer and used them as a pattern to trace and cut shapes out of flannel fabric.  Their wedding colors are teal, mustard yellow and gray so I made sure to stick to that color scheme:

I also cut out little eyes and hearts and laid them out how I want them. My original plan was to sew the robot and dinosaur  shapes directly onto the chenille, but seeing how porous and thick the chenille was, I decided to sew them onto a yellow flannel fabric backing and sew the whole rectangle onto the blanket:

Here’s what it looked like after I finished sewing the pieces onto the yellow backing:

I didn’t bother turning under the edges of the pieces, it doesn’t bother me that the edges of the appliqué will fray a little. Flannel, in general, doesn’t fray as much as other fabrics do and I think it’ll add some character, too, if it does start fraying.  I also originally embroidered their names and wedding date next to the cartoons but I am horrible at embroidering so it looked better without it and I pulled out all the threads. Here is a close up:

I pinned the whole thing to the bottom of the blanket and stitched the piece on:

Since the chenille is so thick, I widened the stitches and sewed really slowly, being careful not to pull and stretch the chenille too much. This is what it looked like sewn on:

Then it was packed and shipped off to the east coast! Congrats to J and E! I hope you guys enjoy being married as much as Jeff and I have!! Can’t wait to attend your wedding!!

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1 Yuling June 11, 2012 at 9:33 am

So cute! Congrats J + E!

2 Jane August 18, 2012 at 10:55 pm

That’s good for kids! Thanks for the tutorial!

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