Victory! I Found Boba Ice Cream Bars in California!

by ilene on September 15, 2012 · 3 comments

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Last fall, Jeff and I were living in Taiwan for a few months for his job and I blogged about how I found my dream dessert there: Boba Milk Tea ice-cream bars!!

My two favorite desserts, ice cream and boba combined into one, one a stick. BRILLIANT!!!  I lamented how I couldn’t find these in the States, I would have LOVED to enjoy these icy treats on a daily basis.  Then, a reader tipped me off saying that she saw them at Ranch 99 in the US!!   So I hurried over to the Ranch 99 in Daly City,  which is the closest branch in the San Francisco  area, but couldn’t find them in the freezer section.  So disappointed.  I never gave up hope though, I knew they had to be out there somewhere!   I was determined to find them!  And so the hunt began.

Well, I happen to be back at my parent’s house in Orange County this weekend for my  friend A’s wedding and thought I’d swing by and check out  the Ranch 99 down here and wouldn’t you know it, they had them!

Sweet success!!  Now I can get Boba Milk Tea Ice Cream Bars whenever I am down in SoCal!!  By the box full!   YES!!!!  If you are interested, I found these in the Ranch 99 in Irvine (Jeffrey Road location). Go and get ’em!!  They are SO GOOD!!!

YUMMMM!!!  This boba fanatic is SO HAPPY now!

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1 Weiya @ Enjoyer of Grace April 30, 2013 at 8:08 pm

Hi! I came across your blog when searching for info on mochi cakes. It was too cute to not look around and I quickly found myself hooked on your posts! 🙂 I am also a huge ice cream and boba lover and got so excited when I read about these pops! It’s now my new mission to go find these where I am.

Thanks for sharing and I look forward to following along. Hope you get a chance to stop by sometime!

2 sheila December 21, 2014 at 11:54 pm

Congratulations on your look for ice cream ! I’m glad for you.
I MEI is a good brand in Taiwan.

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