Green Tea/Matcha Cupcakes

by ilene on September 21, 2012 · 4 comments

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I experimented with making some green tea flavored cupcakes for my friend N’s bridal shower a few weeks ago. My co-host L and I were planning a Japanese tea-themed shower for her so I wanted to make some matcha flavored baked goodies!  I wasn’t really sure how do make green tea cupcakes, so I just added a tablespoon of green tea/matcha powder to a basic vanilla cupcake recipe and a teaspoon of the green tea powder to my favorite cream cheese frosting recipe.    You can buy matcha powder at asian grocery stores. I’ve also seen it sold in the tea section at Wholefoods.

They turned out really pretty!! But I don’t think the green tea flavoring was strong enough and it wasn’t as green in color as I imagined it to be.  I was afraid the green tea flavor could be overpowering and bitter if I used too much of it, but I think I erred on the side of using too little.  I think next time I try this out, I’ll double the amount of green tea flavoring and add TWO tablespoons of green tea powder to the batter and maybe 2 teaspoons of  the powder to the frosting.

Aren’t the little candy flowers on top super cute? I didn’t make those. I cheated and bought them at one of my favorite pastry shops in San Francisco- Miette.  The little flowers complete the cupcake:

I love to pile the cupcakes high with frosting! Its the best part!

I also decided to experiment with making green tea shortbread cookies by adding matcha powder to Ina Gardner’s shortbread cookies recipe.  I didn’t take pictures of the results but they turned out pretty good, too!  I love green tea flavored anything!

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