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Happy New Years!!!

Sorry I haven’t been updating much lately!  Between the busy holidays, traveling to Southern California and soothing a colicky two month old, I go days without powering on my laptop.  Hat’s off to all mothers of colicky babies out there!  Actually, mad kudos to ALL moms out there! (Especially my mom! Who had twins and a 18 month old!) I’ve never been more appreciative of mothers than I am now.  Caring for a baby is hard work!!  Especially babies that never seem to stop crying.  Little Zoey is pretty darn cute but there are definitely days (and late nights) when I tell her that she would look much more endearing if her tiny face wasn’t always scrunched up into a little red wailing mess.  Since she likes to be held all the time, I haven’t had much time to do anything else but hold her, much less squeeze in time to work on anything creative.  I’ve been getting pretty adept at eating quickly with one hand, picking things off the ground with my toes and pounding out short emails with my left-hand.  That’s ok with me though, Zoey is only going to be this little for a short time and I cherish all the time I get with her, colicky nights and all!

For my first post of 2013, I’m sharing how I decorated and wrapped most of my Christmas presents this year – with doilies!

Since I don’t have much free time on my hands these days, I had to come up with a fast and easy way to decorate my Christmas gifts.  I picked up a pack of 10 doilies for $1.99 at the craft store (they even sell them in the baking aisle of grocery stores) and used them to embellish my gift wrapping. I like wrapping my gifts with kraft paper because its cheap, sturdy and basically a blank canvas (see how I also decorate them with washi tape here). I also have found kraft paper in all sorts of colors like red and blue, but I think I like the basic brown the best.  Sometimes if I don’t have kraft paper on hand, I’ll cut open a brown paper bag and use that as gift wrap.  Tie with white raffia ribbon and you got yourself a pretty gift!

So quick and cheap but adds a nice punch to the wrapping.  The doilies kind of remind me of snowflakes in the winter so it worked out well for this season. I also think it would be a great way to dress up Valentine’s gifts.  To identify some of the gifts, I freehand cut out initials to use as tags and taped them on:

2012 will be a hard year to beat. God blessed us with so many great things (new house, new baby) that I can’t help but think  that any year in comparison will be a disappointment but I’m looking forward to all that He has in store for us in 2013.   I have no idea what the new year will bring but I’m anticipating good things!   I’ll share as much as I can on this blog. Thanks for reading!  Hope you are having a happy new year so far!!

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