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by ilene on February 6, 2013 · 1 comment

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Here’s another cool Valentine’s Day idea- Heart bokeh photos!! During the holidays, I was seeing tons of cute Christmas cards floating around on the internet and since I am obsessed with anything heart-shaped,  I knew wanted to try it!  (just google “heart bokeh” and lots of tutorials will pop up, like this one.  Bokeh is the blurry part or the out of focus background in photos.) You can change the shape of Christmas lights, or any lights in the background, into any shape by making a simple filter for your lens.   I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile so before we packed up our Christmas lights for the year, I set up a little photo studio in the living room and got my favorite subject to model for me – my ZOEY BEAR! Isn’t she cute?  I just hung up the white christmas lights in the background and plopped my baby about 8 feet in front.

For the lens filter, I traced the circumference of the camera lens on black card stock.  Then I cut out a small heart (doesn’t have to be perfect) in the middle and then cut “spokes” around the circle.  I taped the card stock into a “cup” and then taped the cup around my lens so that light wouldn’t seep through:

My sister’s dog, Bailey, wanted in on the fun!!

A few tips:

  • Set your aperture to the widest setting possible
  • Use a tripod to stabilize your photo
  • Set your subject far away from the lights so that there is more separation between the background and subject. If they are too close together, everything will be in focus and the background lights will not be as fuzzy
  • Play around with the settings until you get it right


Have fun!


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1 Janet O. February 6, 2013 at 8:58 am

Cool!! I’ve tried to get that effect another way and it didn’t work ~ NOW I know what I did wrong!! Thanks!!!

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