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by ilene on June 11, 2013 · 3 comments

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Back in March, I flew down to southern CA because I had the honor of hosting a couple baby showers on back-to-back weekends:  one for my sister and one for my dear friend Melissa, both of whom were expecting daughters and only 4 days apart.   My party-planning group of friends and I have hosted so many bridal showers, birthday parties and now baby showers together  over the past few years that we always joke that we should start an event planning business because we LOVE planning and hosting parties.  Not only that, but we also work so well together and have fun doing it.  For my friend Melissa’s baby shower, we went with a “baby bumblebee” theme because her name “Melissa” means “honey bee”.   For this tented garden party, we made a delicious “sweet as honey” dessert table:

The bee-utiful dessert table had honey cupcakes, honey popcorn, oreo cake pops and honey lemonade. We divvied up the tasks: my sister made the beautiful signs and poms while my friend N made the popcorn and cake pops, as well as the giant hanging paper mache bumblebee.  My friend K got the flowers and balloons.  My job was to bake the cupcakes and make the fake beehive cake centerpiece.  Why fake, you ask?  I needed something that would be fast/easy to put together the morning of the shower since I also had to bake and frost three dozen cupcakes that morning, all in between nursing Zoey who eats every 2 hours on the dot.  Plus, serving and cutting a large conical-shaped cake could get messy and require plates and forks as well.  I figured no one would really want to eat it either with all the other yummy options!

My original plan was for the beehive cake to be made of styrofoam with a layer of frosting over it,  like most fake wedding cakes.  (Did you know you can also buy a fake wedding cake on Amazon or even rent one? I also considered making a real cake using this cake mold)  When I went to Michaels to purchase the styrofoam though, I was surprised to find that styrofoam was kind of expensive! It was $20 for  the largest sphere, which at 10″ in diameter, was going to be too small for the centerpiece anyways.  Stumped, I started walking up and down the aisles, looking for something that I could use as the base of the cake.  Lucky for me, it happened to be the week right before Easter and I found this GIANT plastic easter egg. It was perfect!!!

The top part of the egg was the perfect beehive shape and it was just the right size, about 12 inches tall.  I got the color yellow in case you could see through the frosting. The morning of the shower, I spackled some creamcheese frosting on that plastic egg, stuck on a little “door” made of melted white chocolate and dotted it with these adorable little edible sugar bees (bought on Amazon) and it was done!   The final result:

A picture of me at the shower with my masterpiece!

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1 Gigi June 12, 2013 at 8:42 am

So creative! I love your cake. I do think that an event-planning career could be something to consider, given your skills.

2 Angela June 12, 2013 at 9:04 am

Don’t you love it when you find the perfect substitute after failing to find what you thought you really wanted? BTW, I also was surprised to find out how expensive a basic styrofoam ball is! Ridiculous!

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