Zoey’s 1st Birthday: Custom Temporary Tattoos

by ilene on December 9, 2013 · 4 comments

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The theme for Zoey’s first birthday party was “xoxo, zozo”, which probably doesn’t make much sense to you if you don’t know us.  The weeks leading up to the party, I was racking my brain trying to come up with a fun theme that fits Zoey, but honestly, at one year old, she doesn’t really have a favorite thing or hobby or even shown interest in anything that I could base the party on.  Since everyone calls Zoey “Zozo” and I tag all her pictures on instagram and Facebook with the hashtag “#xoxozozo”, I decided on a very loose “hugs and kisses, zoey” theme.  Plus, our little cuddlebug loves to give her friends big hugs and sloppy wet kisses!

One of the challenges of our party was that it included both adults and kids so we tried to come up with activities that all ages would enjoy.  We hired a cariacature artist to draw cartoons of our guests and that was a popular station. Another activity that I had prepared for our guests was custom temporary tattoos!

Did you know that you can design and print them out yourself with an inkjet printer?  It’s cheap and super easy to do at home. All you need to do is buy this Silhouette Temporary Tattoo paper.  It’s sold and designed to be used with the Silhouette machine, but you DON’T need a silhouette machine to make the tattoos. Even though I own one, I ended up not using it.  You are suppose to design the tattoos using the silhouette software, print them out on the special tattoo paper and then use the silhouette machine to cut out each tattoo.  I found it easier to use Adobe Illustrator  (or any other design software.  Photoshop, Word or even powerpoint would work, too!) to design the tattoos, print them out on the tattoo paper using my standard ink jet printer, and then use regular ‘ol scissors to cut out each tattoo.  It seemed easier to do that than to pull out my silhouette machine, use their limited software and deal with the hassle of  aligning the images with the cutting tool.

Using Illustator, I came up with a bunch of custom designs to print out for the party (they need to be flipped horizontally before you print them):

I liked the freedom of being able to come up with my own illustrations and being able to print them out in any color. You get two sheets of the tattoo paper in each package and I was able to squeeze a lot of tattoos onto each 8.5″x11″ paper.  The cut up tattoos:

At the party, I had the tattoos out on a table, along with a sign with instructions and a bowl of water and sponge:

The temporary tattoos easily wash off with a little scrubbing with a wash cloth.  They were a hit with the kiddies and the adults!  And somehow by the end of the party, Jeff was sporting a pink heart on his right cheek!




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2 Joelle October 16, 2014 at 6:27 am

Those custom temporary tattoos are the greatest idea! Love it!


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