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by ilene on December 16, 2013 · 2 comments

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!  Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful season! I especially miss New England this time of year because I have so many beautiful memories of white Christmases, snowy evenings with mugs of hot chocolate and bundling up in scarves and gloves to iceskate on frozen ponds.   Boston was the perfect setting for the holidays!  We couldn’t NOT get into the spirit of things! We are trying to re-create the magic as much as we can out here in SF.   We put up a real Christmas tree and despite the 65 degree afternoon today, its finally  beginning to look a lot like Christmas!    Even though we are traveling for most of the rest of the month, we felt that it was important to get a tree for our home so that Zoey would have memories of having Christmas trees growing up.    Unfortunately for us, because we spent  last Christmas at my parents’ house in southern California, I left all our Christmas ornaments, decor and homemade stockings in their garage.   This means that we got to start from scratch this year, so our tree was a blank slate.   I was trying to think of an easy, quick, inexpensive and unbreakable way to decorate our tree and I came up with this bunting made out of ribbon to wrap around our tree like a garland.

I used ribbon to make the bunting because its pretty cheap, comes in a bunch of fun patterns/colors and doesn’t fray easily when cut.  I bought a whole bunch of gold and silver fabric ribbon at Michaels when they were having a sale a few weeks ago. Normally the thicker 2.5″ ribbon is $9.99 a roll but they were having a 70% off sale so they were only $3/roll.  I also bought a couple rolls of thin .25″ gold ribbon to sew the bunting flags onto.  The ribbons have wire on the edges, which means you have to be extra cautious when you are sewing with it.

For the bunting flags, I cut a triangle stencil out of scrap cardboard and traced it out on the ribbons before cutting:

Once I cut out a gazillion little triangles, I sewed them onto the thin ribbon.  Sewing these things is pretty laborious, especially if you end up making ten yards of bunting but it helps when you can do it while watching a good television show. Like the Mindy Project. Anyone else love it as much as I do? I crack up watching it and I’m totally bummed its on hiatus now ’til April. Anyways, I digress. Ten yards of bunting was enough to wrap  around our 5 foot tree  about 6 times.

I love that at night the twinkling lights reflect off all the glitter and gold, making it extra sparkly:

A shot of our Christmas tree:

Still working on getting more decorations up!!

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1 Allison December 23, 2013 at 1:36 pm

This is such a great idea and so inexpensive! Thanks for this share. I plan to use this next year!


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