Simple Handprint Ornaments

by ilene on December 20, 2013 · 2 comments

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The Christmas tree at my parents’ house still has ornaments hanging on it that my siblings and I made in elementary school.  Somehow they have made it through all these years and it’s so fun to take them out of storage and hang them on the tree year after year.  While I love sparkly, beautiful, fancy ornaments, my favorites are still the homemade kitschy ones that are full of memories.  I hope to carry on the tradition and have Zoey make a few ornaments every year that she can contribute to the family tree. Last year, since she was only a few weeks old, I pressed her handprints into Crayola Model Magic and made ornaments out of that (still need to blog about that, I am so behind!).  This year was even simpler.  I just dipped her hand into paint and stuck them onto pre-made ornaments.

Supplies:  I bought the white ceramic ornaments from Michaels when they were on sale so they were only 70 cents each. The gold ones came from a set from Target and are shatterproof.  I used acrylic paint which is what I had on hand.

I had Zoey sit in her high chair since she is squirmy  these days.  I asked Jeff to help hold her hands and wash off the paints immediately since the painting could get really messy really fast.  Luckily, since this was a quick project, both of them didn’t whine too much.  😉

I made two sets of each type of ornament so that I could gift one each to her grandparents.   

With paint pens, I wrote her name and the year on the back:

These ornaments will be cherished in the years to come!  I can’t wait to hang them up every year and marvel at how little her hands are!

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