Merry Christmas! From My Family to Yours!

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Hi everyone!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!   Jeff, Zoey and I want to wish you a very happy holiday season!  Hope that you are all having fun and making wonderful memories this time of year.   Thank you SO much for reading my blog this past year.  I know there are so many other blogs out there, thank you for following me and my family.   I  know I haven’t posted very often this year, but I’ve enjoyed interacting with you all when I can and hearing back.   Thank you for all the comments, emails and encouragement! I have the best readers!!

This year’s family Christmas card was a photo ornament that I got printed from  (See previous years cards: 2012, 2011, 2010).   Normally, I take great pride in designing our holiday cards and managed to save money by doing so (last year’s was the cheapest, we got them printed at Costco!) but this year, I was browsing Minted’s website and saw these photo ornament cards and swooned.  They are pretty pricey for cards (roughly $2 a pop, depending on how many you buy) and way more than I would normally spend but  they were so pretty, I really really wanted them.  I love that its a card that multi-tasks as an ornament!  How clever is that?   I knew Jeff  would be a tough sell, but I showed them to him and he was instantly sold when I  raved about how cute Zoey would look hanging on our friends’ trees.  Plus, he knew how much I love sending out holiday cards and how much having a special design means to me.  I take great joy in sending our cards out every year!

Minted has a whole bunch of photo ornament cards and even an option to upload your own design. (This post is in not  in any way sponsored by Minted.)  There are so many cute designs though so I just went with one of the pre-designed ones and uploaded a photo of Zoey.  I had a tough time choosing which photo and design to use though!  These were my top three options and then I polled my family and a few friends which one was their favorite:

The one on the far right was the winner!  Ten days later, 150 of these beauties arrived nicely packaged at our door:

My first reaction when I got these cards was, whoa, these are big!! They are 5″ circles, which in real life is bigger than I thought.  Zoey’s face is pretty big!! When I put it on our tree, her face really stands out!   Luckily, she is a cutie, so I hope people don’t mind at how big these came out to be.  They came with the twill string, but I had to tie all 150 of them myself.

A couple of bummers to mention though:  Because these came in square envelopes,  it was an additional 20 cents to mail each cars.  Apparently, square envelopes can’t be put through the postal office machines so they cost more to send.  Also, because of the bumpy knotted string and a poor seal,  a few of my friends have told us that their envelopes arrived torn open with nothing in them!  And some have not arrived at all!  What a disappointment!!  We were so sad to hear about that, especially since we don’t have spare ones to send out.    🙁

Just for kicks, I took a picture of our tree with a bunch of her ornaments on it before we mailed them off:

(tutorial for the ribbon bunting here)

Here is our little 13 month old standing in front of the tree decorated in her likeness:

I’ve been getting emails and texts from friends with pictures of their Christmas trees and Zoey’s ornament on it and it makes me SO HAPPY!!!  I love seeing her little face up on their trees and hanging on their walls! Hopefully a few will make it up on trees year after year.
We are currently on vacation with Jeff’s family then we head down to Southern CA to spend a week with mine.  Zoey’s having a blast hanging out with relatives and reveling in all the attention and love that she is receiving.  We are so blessed.  Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!  xoxo

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1 sue December 24, 2013 at 1:12 pm

Merry Christmas! sad that the cards had difficulty in the post, but so very very cute!

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