February 2014

This is an easy, fast makeover of a picture frame that was gifted to us when Zoey was born.  There was nothing wrong with the original frame, in fact it was displayed in our living room for quite some time, but I thought it was time for an update.  I wanted to make it more […]

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 Hi friends! Happy  Valentine’s day from little Zoey!!!  #xoxozozo Our little sweetheart is now 15 months old now!   Look how much she has grown since the last valentine’s day!   And how cute are these heart tights from Target? Scored on clearance for $3.50! Where ever you are, whatever you are doing, we both wish […]


I loved the red lanterns we strung across our living room for Chinese New Years so much, I wanted to keep them up awhile longer for Valentine’s Day.  They were just too pretty to take down already!   Plus, the red color was perfect for the romantic holiday.   I wanted to change it up a […]


This isn’t a novel or brilliant idea, but I thought I’d share another simple way that I am trying to make things fun during this Valentine’s week.  Oh yes, Valentine’s day is a weeklong celebration in our household.  Jeff’s been bringing home some surprise gifts for me the last few days and I’m trying to […]

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  Hope you are having a great weekend!!  We had some good friends over for dinner tonight so in honor of Valentine’s Day coming up later this week, I made these heart brownies for dessert. I blogged about this exact same thing a couple years ago but its so easy and yummy, I had to […]