Valentine Lanterns and Garland

by ilene on February 13, 2014

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I loved the red lanterns we strung across our living room for Chinese New Years so much, I wanted to keep them up awhile longer for Valentine’s Day.  They were just too pretty to take down already!   Plus, the red color was perfect for the romantic holiday.   I wanted to change it up a little bit so I added some pink grosgrain ribbon (saved from our Pottery Barn baby shower gifts) and the red heart garland I sewed a few years ago and draped them across the lower  part of the lanterns.  The ribbon and garland are held in place by just a few pieces of scotch tape and luckily, very light weight.

I doubled the original length of the heart garland to make it long enough to string diagonally across the room:


I first blogged about the felt red heart garland a couple years ago (see tutorial here) and its come in handy for a couple other occasions.  I even brought it to the hospital with me when I gave birth to Zoey to string up there!



This change was so simple but makes an instant big impact on the room!  You can see my heart wall decor on the living room wall in the background.



Speaking of red hearts, Jeff came home with these two cupcakes for me and Zoey:


How sweet are these? They totally match the room!!!

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