Sushi Cake and Sashimi Tarte (part 2)

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Yesterday, I shared how I made a sushi cake for my friend’s birthday.  Today, I’m sharing how to make its equally yummy counterpart- a sashimi tarte! sashimitarte_title

If you haven’t read the sushi cake post (part 1),  click on the photo below to read that post first because it explains the basic ingredients and techniques that I used to make these “pastries”:


Unlike the triple layered sushi cake, the sashimi tarte is a single layer of rice and a single layer of sashimi on top.   I used another cake stand as the platter for this “tarte”.  Because this sashimi tarte is flatter and I wanted it to be easy to cut and serve, I first made a seaweed base layer:


The seaweed base keeps the rice from sticking to the cake platter.  I pieced together several pieces of seaweed and used the ring of the springform pan as a circle outline.  I used a pair of kitchen scissors to roughly cut out the circle shape.

As with the sushi cake, I used the ring of a springform pan wrapped in plastic wrap as a mold.  I put it on top of the seaweed base and spread  a layer of rice inside it.  Then I pressed the rice down with my hands, using a sheet of plastic wrap on top so that the sticky sushi rice didn’t stick to my fingers:


The rice layer should be pretty dense and even:



I removed the springform pan mold and then came the fun part:  layering on lots of delicious sashimi:


I used salmon and tuna sashimi to make a fun, colorful design on top of the rice.  I got my fresh sashimi from San Francisco’s Japantown grocery store.  I would be cautious buying raw fish from any sketchy places.  The sashimi is normally sold in a large block and slicing it up is a lot of work, I’m not going to lie.  Make sure you use a really sharp knife and slice perpendicular to the “grain” of the fish. Or rope your husband into doing it for you. *wink*  Also, when working with raw fish, be careful not to contaminate anything, wash your hands a lot and work quickly.  Keep the fish refrigerated until you need to use it and serve the dish immediately.

I ended up with this design on top:


I used sliced avocado to make a little rose in the center:sushitarte4

I contemplated leaving the rose as is, but since I had a lot of fish roe, I scooped some of the ikura roe into the center:sushitarte5

I’m sure you can come up with all sorts of creative, pretty designs on top.  I was trying to work as fast I as I could since I didn’t want the fish to sit out unrefrigerated for a long time.  I was also frantically trying to finish this during Zoey’s nap time so it wasn’t perfect, but I’m pretty happy with it.  I love how colorful this turned out!


It’s really fun working with food!  You can really make a lot of foods into a cake form.  Once, I made a meat cake for one of my meat loving guy friends.  It was meatloaf on the inside with mashed potato frosting on the outside.  Ketchup was used as icing.  There are so many possibilities!

I hope you enjoyed these tutorials on how to make a sushi cake and a sashimi tarte!



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