Personalized Wedding Guestbook with My Silhouette Machine

by ilene on May 1, 2014

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Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending my good friend Megan’s super fun outdoor wedding.  This wedding was one of the MOST fun weddings that I have ever been to and that is saying a lot since I’ve been to a lot of weddings! (I’ve lost count after 40)   There were food trucks, lawn games, a photobooth, an icecream sundae bar – basically all the fun stuff that I would want at my own wedding if I were to do it all over again.  It was also the most kid-friendly wedding, too, which I really appreciate now that we have Zoey and have to entertain an active toddler during these events (if she is invited at all).  She even had her own seat at the dinner table and her own bag of goodies with quiet activities.  This bride thought of it all!

Since Megan was busy with so many other details, I volunteered to supply their wedding guestbook.  I figured I could help out and at least take this small task off her hands.    The only instructions the bride gave me was that they wanted it be a scrapbook so that guests can add their photos from the photo booth and that the wedding colors were lavender, peach and cream.  Since the wedding was going to be rustic-style, think mason jars, twine, and wooden signs, I found a linen-covered sketchbook with thick, archival quality pages that I thought would be perfect for the guestbook.  I wanted to customize the cover of the book with their names and wedding date, similar to how Jeff and I got our guestbook engraved with those details.   I was brainstorming ways how I could personalize this info and contemplated painting with fabric paint, but wasn’t sure if my shaky hands could pull off nice, neat lettering. I also thought about possibly getting a metal plate engraved with their names and then gluing it to the front of the cover.  I really wanted the lettering to be in the same cursive font as their wedding invitations though, such details like that are important to me, so I ultimately decided to try cutting out their names and their wedding date out of iron-on material with my silhouette machine and then ironing it on to the linen cover.  I’ve customized plenty of clothing using this method but wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out on a fabric covered book.   I was a little nervous that I would ruin it, there was no turning back after I iron it on.  Luckily for me, it turned out perfectly!


The iron-on material transferred perfectly onto the front cover:wedding_guestbook3

I added a small, fun detail on the backside:wedding_guestbook4

I made a little sign with instructions for the guestbook table and supplied pens, double-sided tape and some fun pieces of paper for guests to write their notes on:wedding_guestbook5

I couldn’t find cute paper in the right size for the scrapbook at my local craft supply stores, so I turned to my favorite online source – Etsy!  How cute are these die cuts from SandyLynnScrapping?  I especially love the mason jar die cuts!wedding_guestbook6


Congrats to Matt and Megan!!!!  You guys threw a fabulous wedding and you are a fabulous couple!  Wishing you a happily ever after!

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