Zoey’s 2nd Birthday Party – “Zozo’s Zoo” (Part 1)

by ilene on December 3, 2014

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The two things I look forward to every year are planning Zoey’s birthday party and sending our annual Christmas cards.  Both bring me so much joy!  And both are so important to me that Jeff happily hands the reigns over to me and lets me call all the shots.  He knows not to mess with me when I’m on a mission.  His only responsibilities for this particular party were to order pizza and make sure the sound system was hooked up.  Lucky guy got off easy this time.

For Zoey’s second birthday party, I chose the theme “Zozo’s Zoo“.  The theme was a no-brainer for us, our little girl is OBSESSED with animals!!! We go to the San Francisco Zoo at least once a month and she knows all the animals.  She loves to imitate them, make all the animal sounds and dance like her favorites.  Her current favorites are monkeys, giraffes and elephants, though it changes every day.  I figure this is probably the last year I could pick out the theme of her birthday party as she is growing up and becoming more and more opinionated.  I’m sure next year she will want a princess party so this year, I was relishing making all the decisions myself!  Plus, I loved being able to surprise our animal-lover with all the zoo details.  We tried to keep the party smaller and simpler than last year’s 100 person bash but still ended up having over 70 guests.  Zoey is one lucky and well-loved little girl!

My original plan was to have a small petting zoo with baby animals, like chicks, pot belly pigs and bunnies. How awesome would that have been?  But being in the middle of a big city in a big high-rise building, I knew it would be hard to pull off. So we made do with plan B: a balloon animal artist!  We hired the amazing Mr Shap who was a total hit with the kids.  He came with a special zoo hat for the birthday girl adorned with all kinds of animals and made all sorts of other complex figures for the kids like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Frozen’s Elsa.   We also had a bubble machine blowing outside for the kids to run around (Super fun!! I highly recommend this bubble machine) and a short story time where my sister read one of Zoey’s favorite animal books.

For decorations, I bought and downloaded cute animal images from etsy (from this awesome vendor) rather than try to draw them myself.  This saved me a TON of time!   I spent lots of evenings making yards of paper bunting and flags to decorate the room.  We also hung up the same 8 foot birthday banner that I ordered from Vistaprint.com last year in the background (see the same banner at last year’s party):


I made this welcome sign by cutting all those letters and animals and taping them onto a 3 foot long chalkboard sign that I already had:


Lots of bunting, flags and signage were made!

The color scheme was red, turquoise, green and yellow, so I ordered helium balloons in those colors.  I found these cute animal stickers that I stuck onto some of the balloons to turn them into little animals:
I also ordered these animal inflatable beach balls to decorate around the room, which were given away at the end of the party:
zozozoo12 zozozoo13

I wish I had more pictures of the decorations but in the haste to get everything set up before guests arrived, I forgot to take a lot of photos!  I don’t even have a picture of the main food table!   Or a lot of the bunting and decor I made!  Stay tuned tomorrow though for a few more details like dessert and party favors!

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