This Cutie is 1 Month Old!

by ilene on March 23, 2015

in baby, Skylar's First Year

My little baby girl Skylar is now 1 month old!   The days go by slow but the weeks go by quickly. We’ve made it to the one month mark, we have survived!  (Largely due to the help of my mom who is super grandma!) As with Chinese tradition, Zoey and I dyed a bunch of red eggs to celebrate when she turned 30 days.  Despite having to juggle two kids now, this month surprisingly wasn’t as hard as it was the first time around when I was a shell-shocked new mom.  Recovery, nursing and just being able to do normal people things are much faster the second time.  Baby Skye has been a pretty easy baby so far and has made it fairly easy for us.  She is just a sweetheart.


She now is 9 pounds (50% percentile) and 21.5″ long (75%).  She is growing nicely and as sweet as can be.skye_2weeks2

Every day, I fall more and more in love with this girl.  I didn’t think it was possible to love TWO girls the same but my heart has expanded infinitely. She has brought us so much joy into our lives.  How can you not want to snuggle with this one?!skye_2weeks3


Looking forward to many, many more months of mothering my little SkyeSkye!




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