My Twinnies (twins + minis)

by ilene on April 20, 2015 · 2 comments

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My identical twin sister and I gave birth to our second daughters just 3 days apart in February. We originally had the exact same due date (imagine our shock when we found out!), but both of us were overdue and ended up being induced.  When we found out we were expecting at the same time, we were overjoyed!    Zoey and her cousin Rylie are 6 months apart, which we thought was really close in age, but now our second set of girls are just days apart.  This is the closest I’ll ever get to my dream of having twin girls!!  I call them our twinnies = twins + minis.

The only downside about giving birth to our daughters at the same time was that I didn’t get to meet my sister’s newborn and she didn’t get to meet mine until recently. We live 400 miles apart so I was really bummed that I didn’t get to be there for her birth and I had to wait 5 weeks to meet her daughter.  For my birthday this year, all I wanted was to meet little baby Averie, so I boarded a plane with 5 week old Skylar and off we went!  I was teary-eyed meeting my niece for the first time.  We finally were able to introduce the cousins to each other, too!

Here are our twinnies at 6 weeks old:


That’s Averie Hope on the left and Skylar Love on the right.  Even though they, in theory, share half the same genes, they look nothing alike and couldn’t be any more different in personality. Averie has so far shown to be the feistier, loud one while Skye tends to be a little more quiet and content. It’ll be interesting to watch them grow up and see how they interact with each other. I imagine Averie will be the vocal leader and Skye will happily follow.

How cute are their little bums?


My hope is that Averie and Skylar will become the best of friends as they grow up, just like their mommies.  My dream is that they will be each other’s biggest cheerleaders, celebrate each other’s triumphs, support each other through challenges that come and always be there for the other.   They already mastered crying together:


The beginning of a lifelong friendship.  Best buddies:twinnies5

Here is a picture of all four of our daughters on Easter:Easter

I’ve always wanted to be a mother to girls, so I feel like I am living my dream!  I foresee lots of tea parties, ballerina performances, dress up time and princess fun in our future! And thats how I like it!


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1 Kim April 20, 2015 at 5:20 pm

Cuties littlies I’ve ever seen Ilene … best photos love from Kim in Australia x

2 Jean April 20, 2015 at 5:49 pm

Love love love this post!! Cutie patooties! I must meet them both!

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