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My latest project, is what I call Operation Dethrone The Toddler.  I’ve been trying to teach Zoey to think outside of herself.    I want my child to be kind and compassionate and lets just say, she has never been one to be described as “sweet”.  My kid, as delightful as she can be, can also be one little self-centered firecracker.  She wakes up barking orders and doesn’t stop until she goes to bed.  And even then, she still yells all sorts of demands at us from inside her crib.   Since I would not like to be raising a little tyrant, I’ve been trying to brainstorm ways to teach Zoey to be nice, thoughtful and generous.  I’d love to hear any ideas that parents may have on this as I’m really struggling!  My Zoey is more spicy than sweet!  Luckily, I think the holiday season is the perfect time of the year to start these conversations and initiatives with Zoey.  With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I made this “Thankful Tree” in our living room out of kraft paper and leftover card stock.  Everyday over dinner, I’ve been asking Zoey what she is thankful for and we have been adding her thoughts to the leaves on our tree.  We’ve been having some great conversations about how blessed we are!  She is starting to realize that she is one lucky little girl.  Listing out all the things we are grateful for is also a great reminder to me of how God is so good to our family.

Our Thankful Tree bare:


Some of things that Zoey is thankful for:thankfultree3

She loves to pick out the leaves and put them on the branches herself. The tree has gotten a lot more full since I took this picture.

I’m curious to hear from readers what you are doing this season to help others.  Are there holiday service projects that you guys love to do with your family?   The holidays are all about love and I think its the perfect time for us to start some holiday traditions.  We just dropped off a shoebox of toys that Zoey prepared for Operation Christmas Child and plan to try Kindness Elves instead of the typical Elf on the Shelf in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  I’m planning on starting an Advent Calendar where everyday we do one random act of kindness, too.  We’ll be baking a birthday cake for Jesus and I can’t wait to introduce the meaning of Christmas to Zoey now that she is three and old enough to understand.  The holidays are going to be a lot more fun this year now that I can share them with her!  I’m looking forward to starting family traditions!  And her experiencing the magic of Christmas!

Happy Thanksgiving week, my friends!!


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1 Allison November 23, 2015 at 11:50 am

Love your idea of the Thankful Tree and the Kindess Elves!! I totally get creeped out by the Elf on the Shelf (and I lost the Elf when we moved and can’t bring myself to pay $40 just to get a new one)…

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