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My amazing mom friend Kendra just launched a Kickstarter campaign for her new line of books, Read Them and Eat Books.  The books are made for children who are picky eaters, just like Zoey!  In fact, we got to test the books out on Zozo  when Kendra was just in the development stages.  Zoey, who is 3 years old, loved them and gave them two thumbs up!  There are two books available, “Sally Strands and Her Wacky Hairstyles” and “The Most Delicious Train Ride”.  The concept behind the books is pretty fun.  Parents read the stories to their kids while the kids act out the storyline with food and eat along.  For example, spaghetti is used to make Sally’s hair and cucumber slices represent the wheels of a choo choo train.  The children are literally playing with their food and unwittingly feeding themselves as the story progresses. Because Zoey is such a difficult child to feed, we have tried all sorts of tricks to get her to eat something/anything and meal times are a nightmare.  These books were a creative, entertaining way for her to eat.

Check out the Read Them and Eat Kickstarter campaign and be one of the first to get your hands on these interactive books. You may see some familiar faces in the intro video, too.  😉


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