Zoey just completed her 25th airplane ride!  Not bad for a 18 month old.  Girl is one well travelled child. I’m not saying that she is good on planes, in fact, she is pretty terrible onboard.  She’s just been on a lot of them.   Her first plane ride was at 11 weeks old (she was […]


Mini Yogurt Pops

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Hi friends!!  We’ve been down in Orange County, CA this past week, celebrating my sweet niece Rylie’s first birthday.  I can’t believe our little Ryry is now one years old!   She came into the world smiling, flashing her deep dimples and has been a ray of sunshine ever since.  Rylie’s also Zoey’s best friend […]


Chalkboard Alphabet Blocks

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Zoey’s starting to learn and identify letters which is a welcome change from her animal obsession. There are only so many times a day we can read the same farm book over and over.  As of now, she can identify the letters that spell out her name and thats about it.  BUT she thinks she knows all […]


Zoey’s Baby Quilt

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  I never blogged about my labor story with Zoey.   I wrote on my due date that if I didn’t go into labor naturally, I would be induced the next day.  What I never shared on my blog is that it didn’t go quite as we planned (of course. does it ever?).  When I […]


Since a few readers asked last week how we managed to sleep train Zoey, I thought I’d write about our experience in hopes that it may encourage other sleep-deprived parents out there.  I am in no way an expert in this area, but I can share how Jeff and I managed it and what we […]