A couple of weeks ago, I hosted a bridesmaid tea for my dear friend, former roommate and soon-to-be-bride Nicole.  I can’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon than with a bunch of girls talking about weddings over tea and pastries!  I loooove being a bridesmaid, if I could figure out how to […]


Yesterday, I shared how I made a sushi cake for my friend’s birthday.  Today, I’m sharing how to make its equally yummy counterpart- a sashimi tarte!  If you haven’t read the sushi cake post (part 1),  click on the photo below to read that post first because it explains the basic ingredients and techniques that I used […]

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  Jeff’s super lucky because since we moved out to San Francisco 2.5 years ago, a bunch of his close guy friends have joined us over in the bay area.  One of them is his college twin and roommate Alan, who moved out here with his wife just a few months after us.  Alan really […]


  Hope you are having a great weekend!!  We had some good friends over for dinner tonight so in honor of Valentine’s Day coming up later this week, I made these heart brownies for dessert. I blogged about this exact same thing a couple years ago but its so easy and yummy, I had to […]


Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post (whoa! blogging for two consecutive days!), the very loose theme for Zoey’s birthday party was “xoxo, zozo”.  I was trying to think of ways to incorporate this into the decor and food.  I had ordered online a bunch of those huge silver metallic alphabet balloons that spelled out “XOXOZOZO” as one […]

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