Parents of picky eaters unite!!  If you’ve spawned an offspring who refuses to eat and try new foods, I feel your pain!  I know your frustration because I have one of the pickiest toddlers when it comes it eating.  Especially worrisome is that Zoey is now hovering at 2% in weight and I fear she will […]


Yesterday, I shared how I made a sushi cake for my friend’s birthday.  Today, I’m sharing how to make its equally yummy counterpart- a sashimi tarte!  If you haven’t read the sushi cake post (part 1),  click on the photo below to read that post first because it explains the basic ingredients and techniques that I used […]

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  Jeff’s super lucky because since we moved out to San Francisco 2.5 years ago, a bunch of his close guy friends have joined us over in the bay area.  One of them is his college twin and roommate Alan, who moved out here with his wife just a few months after us.  Alan really […]


Baked Crispy Edamame

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I’ve added baked edamame to my list of “Vegetables that Men will Eat” which is apparently synonymous to “Vegetables My Toddler Will Eat” because Zoey loved these, as evident by her tiny little hand sneaking into every shot I was trying to take of these baked green soybeans.  I’m always trying to get my husband […]


This isn’t a novel or brilliant idea, but I thought I’d share another simple way that I am trying to make things fun during this Valentine’s week.  Oh yes, Valentine’s day is a weeklong celebration in our household.  Jeff’s been bringing home some surprise gifts for me the last few days and I’m trying to […]