Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending my good friend Megan’s super fun outdoor wedding.  This wedding was one of the MOST fun weddings that I have ever been to and that is saying a lot since I’ve been to a lot of weddings! (I’ve lost count after 40)   There were food trucks, lawn […]


We’re in a Bridal Magazine!

by ilene on January 11, 2013 · 2 comments

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    Pick up the latest issue of Bride and Groom magazine, turn to page 38 and you will find some familiar faces: The author of the article, Cindy Papish Gerber, found me by reading about  our wedding on my blog and asked to interview me for her article on unique wedding entrances.  The piece […]


Hi!! Sorry I haven’t been writing a lot lately! The summer traveling has begun! We just got back yesterday from a fun weekend trip to Lake Tahoe with my siblings and their SOs. A wonderful, relaxing time was had by all – especially by my sister’s dog who soaked up all the adoration from his […]

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We are so excited that we have another wedding in our family coming up!  Jeff’s sister J is getting married at the end of this month in New England and we are super thrilled for her!   J is Jeff’s only sibling and she has been an awesome sister-in-law to me.  She’s so artsy, creative […]


I got this idea from my friend Esther’s awesome blog!   She saved and dried some of the flower arrangements from her wedding and encased them in a glass Christmas ornament.  Genius, I say!!  I didn’t have the the forethought to save and dry the flower arrangements from our wedding, but I did have a bunch […]