Zoey’s 2nd birthday

(6 weeks late, but better late than never!)  My Zozobean, Hi baby girl! This second year of your life, I’ve seen you really shine. Your dad and I continually marvel at you as you reveal more and more of your playful personality to us. You are passionate, whip smart, funny, silly and so much fun to […]


  See yesterday’s post to read the first part of this series on Zoey’s 2nd Birthday Party. The theme was “Zozo’s Zoo”. For party favors, I bought 3 dozen of these adorable animal hand puppets from amazon.com.  Zoey already had a set of these puppets and plays with them EVERY DAY so I knew her […]


  The two things I look forward to every year are planning Zoey’s birthday party and sending our annual Christmas cards.  Both bring me so much joy!  And both are so important to me that Jeff happily hands the reigns over to me and lets me call all the shots.  He knows not to mess […]


  My baby girl turned 2 years old on Halloween!!!  I know this post is embarrassingly late but I wanted to document and share this special occasion, mostly in case Zoey wants to read this blog years down the line.  I know it doesn’t mean much to anyone else, but as her parents, her birthday […]

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