Zoey’s 3rd birthday

  In my last post, I shared the details of Zoey’s 3rd birthday party, a drive in movie theater.  In this post, I’ll share how I put together the cardboard cars for the drive in.  The cars made the whole theme come together.   To make the cardboard cars, I searched everywhere to find the perfect […]


For Zoey’s 3rd birthday party, I chose a drive in movie theater theme.  I was trying to come up with an unique, cost-friendly idea that didn’t require us hiring any entertainment for the kids. In the past, we have hired balloon artists and caricature artists, but those fees add up after all the room rental, food, […]

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My Zozobean turns 3 today! Here is my letter to my firstborn daughter: Dear Zoey, The “terrific twos” was a great year for you.  In my books, the past 12 months will be known as the year of Surprise Eggs, Disney princesses, unparalleled tantrums, Jana Alayra songs, potty training and meatballs.   I know you don’t appreciate […]