• Happy Halloween! from Zoey and cousin Rylie halloween2013

    Happy Halloween from Zoey and her cousin Rylie!! We had to show off their Halloween costumes this year, handmade by my talented sister.  It is only fitting that our daughters are cups of bubble tea- a shared obsession of ours – for their first Halloween.   Zoey is a cup of big boba and little 5.5 ...

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  • Zoey’s Halloween Costume (the costume that never was) zoey_bluedevil5

    Hey guys! I’m back!! Stealing a few minutes while Zoey is sleeping to cobble together a post!    I’m sharing today what should have been Zoey’s Halloween costume – a Duke Blue Devil! Costume includes a cape, attachable devil tail and little devil horn hair clips. The sweet baby girl never got to wear the costume I ...

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  • Halloween Bark (recipe) halloweenbark11

    Happy Halloween!!!  Guess what, I’m writing this post from….TAIWAN!!!  Jeff found out last week that he had a business trip here, so I jumped at the opportunity to tag along!  Two days later, I am on an airplane and touching down in Taipei. I haven’t been to Taiwan since I was a teenager, so I ...

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  • Cupcake Costume Tutorial costume3

    Hi!!  Yesterday I showed you all our Halloween costumes this year! I am going to be a giant cupcake and Jeff is the pastry chef! Today, I am going to show you how I made my cupcake costume: Tutorial on how to make the silver cupcake liner “tube top”: How to make the frosting top: The outfit was topped ...

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  • My Halloween Costume: A Giant Cupcake!! costume3

    Jeff put me in charge of coming up with our Halloween costumes this year.  Actually, it was more like he sent me an email while he was away on a business trip saying “I forgot to tell you, my office Halloween party is in three days, can you make us costumes? Thanks. Bye!”  Hahaha, typical ...

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