5 Minute, $3 Elsa Frozen Cape

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Like most little girls, my 2 year old is OBSESSED with Frozen. She hasn’t seen the whole movie yet, but she knows all the songs by heart. Olaf is her favorite and she can belt out “Let it Go” with the best of them.  If you have been over to our place, you most likely have been sat down (by her) for one of her performances.  Our Zoey is an entertainer and she loves to sing!

Since she loves to play dress up, I made her a Queen Elsa cape.  This was one of the easiest, quickest, cheapest projects I have ever done. It only took 5 minutes to put together, which is a good thing, because with a newborn, I don’t have time for anything more than that!  I bought some some blue glittery tulle at Joanne’s for $7/yard. I bought ⅔  of a yard and that was enough to make two capes for 2 two year olds.  Tulle is great because it doesn’t fray so I didn’t need to hem the fabric. I cut the tulle in half to make one cape for Zoey and one for her cousin Chloe.  All I did was fold the top of the fabric over about 10 inches to create a shorter top layer, pinned in place  and sewed a straight line about 1.5″ down from the fold to create a casing. I didn’t even bother to measure anything since the cape would be gathered, it didn’t have to be perfect.  Then I threaded some satin ribbon I had left over from my wedding through, gathered the fabric and tied a ribbon for the neck bow.  Voila!  Easiest cape ever!



Two sparkly capes for two little Elsas:elsacape3

This little princess proudly wore her Frozen cape every day for weeks. She wore it to school, to the playground, grocery shopping….elsacape4

The only downside was that a trail of blue glitter followed her wherever Zoey went.  We were vacuuming glitter for weeks!! It drove us mad!   I plan on making her a fancier Anna cape when I have the time. I bought this pattern off of Etsy and I hope to make her a matching princess Anna cape soon!




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My little baby girl Skylar is now 1 month old!   The days go by slow but the weeks go by quickly. We’ve made it to the one month mark, we have survived!  (Largely due to the help of my mom who is super grandma!) As with Chinese tradition, Zoey and I dyed a bunch of red eggs to celebrate when she turned 30 days.  Despite having to juggle two kids now, this month surprisingly wasn’t as hard as it was the first time around when I was a shell-shocked new mom.  Recovery, nursing and just being able to do normal people things are much faster the second time.  Baby Skye has been a pretty easy baby so far and has made it fairly easy for us.  She is just a sweetheart.


She now is 9 pounds (50% percentile) and 21.5″ long (75%).  She is growing nicely and as sweet as can be.skye_2weeks2

Every day, I fall more and more in love with this girl.  I didn’t think it was possible to love TWO girls the same but my heart has expanded infinitely. She has brought us so much joy into our lives.  How can you not want to snuggle with this one?!skye_2weeks3


Looking forward to many, many more months of mothering my little SkyeSkye!




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Love You Forever

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In honor of the new love in my life, Skylar Love, I changed up the decor on our living room wall:skylar1

Here is my baby girl at 4 days old.skylar2


Tutorial on how I made the white frames detailed here.  There are tons of tutorials online on how to make the tissue paper tassel garland and I just followed one that I googled. They can also be bought fully made on etsy but it was quick to put together and really cheap to make it yourself:

tassel garland

For the letters “Love You Forever”, I bought unfinished wooden letters from Michaels (took multiple trips to different stores to get all the letters that I needed), primed them with white paint and then had Jeff spray paint them silver:


All this was done of course BEFORE Skye was born. There is no time for projects like this right now!

I’ll love you forever, baby Skye!!

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“Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.” Psalm 36:5 Happy Skylar

I’m overjoyed to introduce the newest member of our family SKYLAR LOVE!  Our second daughter, Skye, was born on Thursday, February 19th at 8:13am, weighing 7 lbs 12 oz and 21 inches long.  We are all head over heels IN LOVE with this little one!!!  She is absolutely perfect!  Skylar looks just like her older sister Zoey and so far has been a good eater and sleeper.  We are adjusting well to being a family of FOUR!!  I can’t believe that I have CHILDREN now!

We chose her name Skylar Love as a reminder of God’s infinite, boundless love for us – a love that reaches to the heavens, as unlimited as the sky.  Our prayer is that our daughter will embody and shine this love throughout her life.

In other happy news, my identical twin sister also gave birth to her second daughter three days before I did!  We miraculously originally had the same exact due date (what are the chances?!) and were hoping we would both give birth on Valentine’s Day.   We ended up with one President’s Day baby and one Chinese New Year baby, two very precious gifts. What a joyous time for our family!

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40 Weeks: Due Date is Today!

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Today’s my due date! And no baby yet!  Just like my first born who was 5 days late, this daughter is likely going to be overdue, too. She is staying nice and snug inside my belly!  I’ll most likely be induced by the end of this week if this baby doesn’t make an appearance by then. Please pray for me as I’m pretty anxious about the labor/delivery.  Even though I’ve done it before, its still pretty scary!



I’m feeling rather large and uncomfortable these days and and eager to NOT be pregnant anymore!!  You know you are getting huge when your toddler switches from saying “Mommy so pretty!”  to shouting “Mommy so BIG! Mommy soooooo BIG!!”

Come on out, my sweet baby girl! Mommy, daddy and big sister can’t wait to meet you!!  We can’t wait to shower you with love!


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