Slime/ Gak Recipe

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My 2.5 year old Zoey is obsessed with slime (also known as gak) these days.  Slime is one of the few activities that will keep my toddler occupied for more than 5 minutes at a time so I make sure that we have plenty of it available all the time wherever we go.   We even brought ingredients to make some in LA with us on our last trip.  She loves this stuff.   It all started with a trip to the Bay Area Discovery Museum where they had slime/gak in the arts and crafts room.   Zoey wanted to play with it but Jeff took one look at all the of pairs of dirty little hands that were plunging into the gooey stuff and was disgusted, so I decided to make her own to play with at home.  Turns out, slime is super easy and cheap to make yourself. All it takes is elmer’s glue, borax (a mild powdered detergent) and warm water.  If you are super lazy like me, you can order the glue and borax from Google Express and you don’t even have to leave the house for supplies!   It doesn’t get any simpler than that!   The recipe is so easy that Zoey loves to make it herself with a little help from me.  It only takes 5 minutes. I think we have made every color of the rainbow over the past couple of months. We make this recipe so often that I think we can both do this in our sleep.  Sometimes we have friends over for play dates and every kid can make their own batch of slime to play with.   They like to choose their own colors and it provides them hours of entertainment!





- two 4 oz. bottles of Elmer’s Glue (I discovered that Target sells it the cheapest at 74 cents a bottle)

- 1 tsp. Borax (found in the laundry detergent section of the store. This stuff is toxic so make sure your kids don’t eat it!)

- warm water

- mixing bowl, small cup and spoon

- food coloring



Empty out both bottles of elmer’s glue into the mixing bowl:



Fill both empty glue bottles with warm water and shake well.  Pour out the water into the mixing bowl and mix with a spoon:slime3


Add a couple drops of food coloring and stir:slime4

In the small cup, mix ½ cup of warm water with 1 tsp of borax until the borax is dissolved. Pour into the glue mixture and stir. This is where the magic starts to happen.  The mixture starts to come together and get stringy.  Keep mixing and mixing.  At this point, I help Zoey out and use my hands to knead it together.  If there is extra water, I pour it out.


Once all the ingredients are mixed well, you will get a nice smooth ball of gelatinous slime:


Store in an airtight container or a ziploc bag and it’ll keep for weeks.  We are currently playing with slime that is almost a month old!

This little recipe has provided us hours of fun. One of Zoey’s favorite things is to poke holes in all the bubbles that surface:slime9

This stuff is really cool to play with!! It feels slimy and wet to the touch, but its not wet at all and really easy to clean up.  The slime actually holds together really well and doesn’t leave any residue behind.  This is how it looks dumped out on our table and after 5 minutes, it spread out and turns viscous:slime10

Even I have fun playing with it!!  We use our play-doh tools with it, cut it up with scissors, make pretend cookies and serve it with our little tea set, create little dresses and stick them onto our Disney princess figurines, the possibilities are endless!


If you are looking for a summer time activity to occupy your kids, give this a try!  They will have a ton of fun!!


Check out my homemade play-doh recipe, too!


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I love being the mom of little girls.  As a girly girl, I’ve always wanted daughters so that I can play dress up, pretend to have afternoon tea and buy lots of darling, pink frilly clothes.  I love all that stuff!   Now that I have two daughters and two nieces, I am living my dream!   These days, we are having a blast playing “princess”.  The elsa and anna capes we have are always on someone’s shoulders and Zoey knows all the Disney princesses now. I sense a trip to Disneyland is in the near future.  My niece Rylie was turning two recently so I decided to sew her and Zoey their own princess crowns to wear to the birthday party.  I made the crowns out of felt and wanted to make them both adjustable and reversible.  It was important that the crowns were adjustable since the girls are growing so fast and I wanted them to be able to wear them for a long time.   Being double-sided allowed them to  pick which design they want to wear on that day.   Rylie’s crown has the number “2″ to wear on the day of her birthday party and her initial “R” on the other side.   Zoey’s crown has “Z” on one side and a “S” for Skylar to wear on the other side when Skye is older.

Here is what the front sides of the crowns look like:


And the other reversible sides:



To make these crowns, I spent $0.  (Jeff is always happy to hear this.) I gathered up a bunch of supplies that I had left over from previous projects.  I had a lot of felt from the felt Christmas ornaments I made last winter and a bunch of random trimmings:


I measured the circumference of Zoey’s head and made paper templates for the crowns. I made the crowns slightly different from each other.  One is more angular and the other is curved:


Here is a downloadable pdf file of the crown_templates for anyone that would like to replicate these.  The size worked well for an average size two year old head.  (note: the template is just for one of half the crown. You need to cut out the template twice and tape the middle parts together to make a full crown)

Since the crowns I made are double-sided, I layered both layers of felt on top of each other and then traced and cut out the pattern:


Then I pinned the two sides together:


And sewed carefully around the edges:


For Rylie’s pink crown, I used pinking shears to cut around the edges for a more interesting perimeter.

In order to make the crowns adjustable, I added a small piece of elastic to the back.  I made sure to stick one side of the elastic in before I sewed it and left the other end unsewn until I was ready to finish the crown:


Then came the fun part of decorating. This is where having a proclivity to save scraps and trims comes in handy!


I used my silhouette machine to cut the letters and numbers out of iron-on material and just ironed those on.  I also added lots of glittery elements and ribbons because little girls can’t get enough of those! Princesses need sparkles!



Then I sewed the free end of the elastic to other end  of the crown creating a full circle. I really liked adding some long ribbon around the base of the crown to tie a sweet bow at the back:


Here are my little 2 year old princesses wearing their crowns!


Happy 2nd birthday, my sweet Rylie!!

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Happy Birthday, Jeff!

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Happy birthday to Jeff!!!   Know that you are loved by many, but especially by me, Zoey and Skylar!  You are an amazing husband and father.  Wishing you the very best of birthdays and hoping that this next year will be the best one yet!

I made this sign in our living room for Jeff for Father’s Day:


We were out of town for a couple weeks since then and didn’t have time to change it up so I just added a couple party decorations to it for this special day:dad2


The happiest of days to you, Jeffrey! Love you!

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Zozo is 2 and a Half!

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Time for a Zoey update!


My spunky little Zoey proudly proclaims “I’m two and a half!”  She’s a “big girl” now!

So far her twos have been a little terrible but mostly terrific.  At every stage, I think “oh, this is my favorite age” but I really think twos are definitely my favorite so far.  Zoey has so much personality and she is so full of life.  She’s exuberant, so happy and just delightful to be around (usually).  At two years old, we can actually have real conversations.  She talks all the time about what she wants to do, who she wants to play with, what she wants to wear, things she wants to eat and has all sorts of opinions on everything. She is a non-stop chatterbox which allows me to get a little glimpse of what is going on in that brain of hers.    She’s been making new friends and  developing her own hobbies/interests.  She is becoming more independent now and can do small things on her own like wash her hands, throw things in the trash, put on/take off her shoes, clean up her toys, choose her outfits.   She has also grown up in other ways, too, like refusing to sit in her high chair, outgrowing the baby tub and even insisting on sleeping in the “big bed” instead of the crib.   She is not our baby anymore!


It’s been an eventful past half a year for the Zozobean since her last update:

Stats: 35.5″ tall, 24 lbs

Became a big sister!!  I was a little unsure how she would manage the addition of Skylar into our family, but she has handled the transition better than expected. She shown surprising moments of tenderness.  She will cover Skye with a blanket, bring me her hat, insist on pushing her stroller, rock her in the swing, help bathe her with a washcloth and alert me when she hears her crying.  She will say “Its ok, Shyler, its ok, don’t cry” while patting her little sister on the head. She has been an amazing big sister so far!

Started “school”!  Zoey started going to school two days a week, half days each. She loves her teachers and her friends there.  Mommy is loving the break in the mornings, too!  She has really flourished there and  we are constantly amazed by all the new things that she is learning outside of our spheres of influence.

Favorite foods: Meatballs, string cheese, pizza, noodles, rice, strawberries, fruit pouches, watermelon

Favorite Songs:  No longer into children’s music, Zoey now belts out and dances to “Shake it off”, “Fireworks” and her current favorite “All About the Bass”

Frequent Flier: Completed her 48th flight!  Also did a 10 day stint at Ahma and Ahgong’s house in Southern CA all by herself!

Sleep:  Never a good napper before, but suddenly now a power napper and regularly naps 2-3 hours in the afternoon. Also refuses to sleep in the crib now and wants to spend the night in the “big bed”.

Firsts:  haircut (26 months old), amusement park- SeaWorld (30 months old)

Loves: surprise eggs, Frozen, dancing/singing, playgrounds, craft time, baking with mommy, wearing pretty dresses, trains, Sandra Boynton books, playdoh and slime, when daddy comes home

Loathes: brushing teeth, going to bed, eating, getting her hair done, wearing jackets


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My little baby is 100 days old!!   Sometimes I can’t believe that I gave birth to Skylar just 3 months ago!  Skye has only been in our lives for a short time but I can’t imagine life without her now.  I smile a little when I talk about my daughterS and my childREN, in disbelief that I have multiple kids now.  Now that we are juggling two, I look back and wonder “how did I ever think just ONE was hard?”  Two kids is no joke!   I recently just finished a stint of 5 days on my own with the kids without Jeff and I want to give props to all the single moms out there.  How you do it, I do not know.  You women are my heroes!

Now that Skylar is three months old, she has officially graduated from the “newborn” to “infant” stage.   This makes my heart a little sad.  Since Skylar is most likely my last baby, I’m cherishing everything about her at this young age.  Because of her chill personality and me being a little more experienced this time around, she’s been far easier than Zoey was at this age so I’m really enjoying her.  She’s generally a happy, sweet baby.  We call her our “Smiley Skylie” because when we smile at her, she rewards us with smiles and coos right back. How can you resist this little happy face?


Other updates:

- Stats: 12 lbs 12 oz, 22.5 inches tall

- Has slept through the night!!  This has only happened a handful of times but enough to tease me into thinking that it will happen again! Usually wakes up for one feeding around 4am.

- Started laughing and chuckling!

- Flew on her 3rd and 4th flight down and back from southern California at 12 weeks old

- Outgrown her newborn clothes already

- Rolls to her side

- Started self-soothing on her hands

- Loves her mobile, sitting on the bumbo, her playmat, being carried facing outward in the k’tan carrier

- Hates car rides, her swing, being swaddled


I love my girls!!   I still can’t believe that I get to be the mom of TWO of the most beautiful daughters.  Pinching myself and praising God for these incredible gifts!!



See the post I wrote  a few years back when Zoey was 100 days old!




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