More Baby Onesies

by ilene on June 22, 2012 · 0 comments

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There must be something in the water because so many of my friends have been giving birth lately!!  It’s raining babies!  It seems that we are in that stage of our lives where  a lot of our friends are having little ones.   I feel especially fortunate to have girl friends who have gone through […]


Sometimes my friends ask me to make something for them and I happily oblige!  I’m honored! Now that I am thinking about it, most of the things I make are gifts, I rarely have the creativity to make anything for myself.  One of my college friends commissioned me to make something special for his baby […]


Onesies For A Pair of Future Best Friends

by ilene on March 9, 2012 · 1 comment

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Jeff and I have two good friends who both recently gave birth just hours apart from each other.  The two of them are really good friends (like bridesmaids for each others’ weddings type of good friends) so when one gave birth to a baby girl and the other gave birth to a baby boy, I […]

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One of Jeff’s college female friends is pregnant and this is a big deal because it is her first child (son) and her baby shower was the first time Jeff had ever been invited to a baby shower!  While I have attended and hosted more than my fair share of baby showers, Jeff was super […]


Our sweet neighbors were expecting their first baby so I wanted to sew them something extra special for their baby shower. They opted not to know the gender of the baby to avoid gender stereotypes so I was challenged to make something that was gender neutral. No frilly tutus, ruffled bottom onesies or helicopter onesies […]