I wanted to make a nice sturdy cake pop stand for the mini cupcake pops I made and wrote about yesterday for a bridal shower.  I wanted to  to display the lollipops in a cute way.  Instead of going the typical poke holes in a styrofoam block route, I wanted to make mine a little […]


We have this huge 5’x4′ mirror in our bathroom. It’s so big, I couldn’t take a picture of the whole thing: Over the years, it’s gotten pretty grody.  Some of the edges were starting to rust and it was beginning to look pretty nasty so we replaced it with an identical new one a few […]


Jeff has this striped cashmere sweater from Banana Republic that he loves to wear. He used to wear it so much that holes would appear under the armpits.  And back during “The Great Pursuit”, he would bring this sweater over to my apartment for me to patch up as a ploy to spend more time […]