• Personalized Wedding Guestbook with My Silhouette Machine guestbook_wedding_title

    Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending my good friend Megan’s super fun outdoor wedding.  This wedding was one of the MOST fun weddings that I have ever been to and that is saying a lot since I’ve been to a lot of weddings! (I’ve lost count after 40)   There were food trucks, lawn ...

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  • Customized Robot and Dinosaur Throw Blanket (tutorial) robotblanket1

    We are so excited that we have another wedding in our family coming up!  Jeff’s sister J is getting married at the end of this month in New England and we are super thrilled for her!   J is Jeff’s only sibling and she has been an awesome sister-in-law to me.  She’s so artsy, creative ...

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  • Wedding Memory Capsule Christmas Ornament flowerornament5

    I got this idea from my friend Esther’s awesome blog!   She saved and dried some of the flower arrangements from her wedding and encased them in a glass Christmas ornament.  Genius, I say!!  I didn’t have the the forethought to save and dry the flower arrangements from our wedding, but I did have a bunch ...

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  • My Wedding: Signage! (tutorial) wedding_decor8

    (photo by Jules Bianchi) Since our venue was a sprawling estate with lots of multi-level terraces, little cottages, courtyards and even a path through the private zoo, I wanted to make sure everything was adequately labeled so that  our guests didn’t get lost!  I hand painted a lot of wooden signs for our wedding!   There was ...

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  • My Wedding: Custom Straws Tags! (tutorial) strawtags

    I’ve guest posted about this project on Postcards & Pretties and Wedding Sparrow, but I realized I never posted this custom straw tutorial on my own blog! This little detail was a huge hit at our wedding!  I made buckets of these custom straw tags and had them out at the bar during cocktail hour ...

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  • My Wedding: Embossed Stickers (tutorial) wedding_embossedstickers

      Yesterday, I shared about the flower petal toss at our wedding. Today’s tutorial is on how to make the embossed stickers I stuck on the front of the flower petal packets.  These were super easy to make, I made hundreds of these stickers and found myself slapping them onto everything!  I used them to close ...

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  • My Wedding: Invitations, Part 4 – Envelope Liner Tutorial envelopeliner1

    Envelope liners are a small detail but I really wanted to add them into our wedding invitations. I like the look of them! They add a fun pop of color and help protect the contents of envelope a little.  I’m pretty sure the male half of our guests did not notice this detail and probably ...

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  • My Wedding: Invitations, Part 3 – Wax Seal Tutorial waxseal1

    Ever since I was a little girl, I loved the look of wax seals. It looks old fashioned yet sophisticated at the same time! I was never allowed to play with wax seals though because it involves matches and lots of hot-sticky-messy-runny wax. Then I discovered hot glue gun sealing wax!  Awesome! It’s a mess-free ...

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  • Chocolate states! A chocolate mold tutorial state2

    I experimented with making chocolates  for my old roommate Jane’s bridal shower last week.  She just got married this past weekend in Massachusetts but the happy newlyweds will be moving out west to California in a couple months.   I thought chocolates in those two state shapes would be cute for her party.  The MA chocolates ...

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