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  • Serving Tray Makeover chalkpaint

      Hi! I just got back from a two week trip with my kids.  Notice I said “trip” and not “vacation”.  A vacation would mean that it was relaxing and fun.  A trip means that I was lugging two weeks worth of luggage and baby gear in 105 degree heat with kids in tow, which is ...

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  • Hairbow Display Tutorial hairbowdisplay1

      If you have little girls in your family, you probably lose hairbows, or “hair clippies” like we call them, on a daily basis like we do.  Zoey tears them out of her hair as fast as I can put them in.  Whenever she leaves the house with her daddy, she inevitably returns home hairbow-less and hair ...

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  • Custom White Frames Made for Our Living Room (and How Jeff and I Tackle Home Improvement Projects Together) whiteframe7

        This might be one of my most favorite projects that I’ve done in awhile.  Now that I am 38 weeks along in my 2nd pregnancy, I’m officially in nesting mode!  I am full term now so baby can be due any day now and of course I left most of the things I’ve wanted to ...

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  • Upcycling My Cedar Tray (tutorial) happy_tray9

    A few years ago, I built a serving tray out of old cedar wood planks and blogged about it here.  I put it together without nails, just wood glued the pieces together, and its held together really well since then.   Fast forward 3 years, we have moved 2 times, my decor has evolved a ...

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  • My Wedding: Signage! (tutorial) wedding_decor8

    (photo by Jules Bianchi) Since our venue was a sprawling estate with lots of multi-level terraces, little cottages, courtyards and even a path through the private zoo, I wanted to make sure everything was adequately labeled so that  our guests didn’t get lost!  I hand painted a lot of wooden signs for our wedding!   There was ...

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  • How to Make a Cake Pop Stand (tutorial) cakepopstand_title

    I wanted to make a nice sturdy cake pop stand for the mini cupcake pops I made and wrote about yesterday for a bridal shower.  I wanted to  to display the lollipops in a cute way.  Instead of going the typical poke holes in a styrofoam block route, I wanted to make mine a little ...

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  • Upcycled: Framed Mirror! (tutorial) mirror_title

    We have this huge 5’x4′ mirror in our bathroom. It’s so big, I couldn’t take a picture of the whole thing: Over the years, it’s gotten pretty grody.  Some of the edges were starting to rust and it was beginning to look pretty nasty so we replaced it with an identical new one a few weekends ...

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  • Upcycled: Cedar Wood Tray (tutorial) tray_title

    I had a very productive long weekend.  Along with celebrating our 6 month wedding anniversary, Jeff and I cleaned and de-cluttered the house.  And I made this cedar serving tray out of old materials I had lying around.   The best part about this tray is I was able to put it together with NO ...

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